Oh, How I Pray You Are Right…

For those who tell me I am blowing things out of proportion in my mind or overreacting or worrying about nothing….oh, how I hope you are right! Honestly, I pray and hope for you to be correct and that all shall be well and my worries are for naught. Nobody wants to be wrong but in this case, I would welcome being completely mistaken. And while I cannot presume to speak for others, I would venture to say there are millions of other people who would express the same hope that I have of being wrong in this instance. I would gladly eat crow on this one. Heck, I would stand up and shout from the roof top that I was terribly and completely mistaken. You can hold me to my word on that.
None of us have a crystal ball to know what the future holds. We shall have to see how all this unfolds.
In the meantime, as we wait and watch, please don’t tell me I’m being stupid or ridiculous in my concerns. They are based on what we have all seen and heard over the past months, what we have been “promised” (I would say more like threatened with). They have a basis which has not been disproved but instead been proven by actions. I have a right to my worries as do other people who share them. If I was the the only one feeling this way at this juncture in our history, I would say I might be being ridiculous. However, I have heard these same concerns voiced over and over again by countless people who are extremely intelligent and educated (not just my friends, although most of them are incredibly smart as well) and therefore I don’t feel like this is just my imagination.
So as today’s dawn breaks, I pray for our country, for our children, for all of us and that I am completely wrong.
Blessings and love to all of you.


© 2017 Lorelei Kane. All rights reserved.

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Prayers for all of us

Let’s all enjoy this last full day of a democratic republic in our country as we’ve known it. Who knows what tomorrow and the next four years will herald in but it is not looking promising from what we have seen so far. It is my sincere prayer and hope that I and millions of others are wrong in our concerns over the man who will take office tomorrow and those he is appointing to be his advisers. What we have witnessed and heard thus far does not give us confidence that our worries are unwarranted but let’s pray fervently that they are. And if I am wrong in what I fear, then I will absolutely be one of the first to admit it and stand corrected and I will apologize for my assumption of the worst. I desperately want to be wrong in this case. For myself, for all of us.
In the meantime, though, I will keep on my toes and be ever vigilant. That is our right and our duty as citizens of this country. To protect one another and human rights and dignity. To speak out against injustice. To be informed and aware. To hold those in power accountable.
Sincere and deep prayers for all of us.

© 2017 Lorelei Kane. All rights reserved.

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Keep on Keeping On

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Love, Not Hate

Explain to me (the proverbial, collective “I/me”) how does what I do, who I am affects you (the proverbial, collective “you”) or harms you or changes your life in any way {unless I am harming you or others}. What does it matter to you if I am a woman or a man, if I am black or white or Hispanic, if I believe in the same god you do, if I am gay or straight or bisexual, if I live in the country or live in a city, if my favorite color is purple or orange, if I like green beans or broccoli, if I listen to pop or classical music, whatever it is my beliefs or ways of life are? What does it matter to you? Am I hurting you? Am I forcing you to do or be something that you are not? Am I harming you or others? What difference does my “difference” make to you? Why must people hate and fear that which doesn’t fit into their little cut and dry boxes, fear and hate those who are not like them?
The simple, really simple solution is live and let live, be and let be, love and let love. Why is that so hard for so many?
Hate and fear, two of the most destructive and self-destructive emotions humans have yet two of too many people’s most cherished emotions.
© 2016 musingsbylorelei. All rights reserved.
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Learning from Nature

When you are out in nature, hiking in the woods, walking along a trail, you look around and you drink in the divine and the beauty of creation.  The colors, the smells, the silence, the air, it all amazes and delights you.  Nature, creation, is beauty and ‘perfection’ and you feel blessed to be surrounded by it, all of it.  What we fail to recognize and internalize is the fact that we are not just surrounded by it, we are it!  We are creation.  We are nature.  We are beauty.

But we get so caught up in perceptions, in expectations, in what someone says we should be, that we are blind to our own internal and external beauty.  Nothing else in nature, creation frets and worries about how they look.  Not the trees, grasses, flowers, animals, birds, sky.  They just ARE.  And they are beautiful! You know they are.  They don’t look at themselves and think, “Oh my, the third branch on my trunk grew in a strange direction.  I need to change that.”  They don’t point fingers at another plant and say, “You’re looking old.  You should color your leaves so you look younger.”  They are who/what they are, living in harmony with themselves and each other.  No criticisms or comparisons. 

We need to learn from nature, from the creation that is all around us, how to BE.  Right here, right now.  Happy with ourselves and our beauty.


© 2016 musingsbylorelei. All rights reserved.

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The Direction of our Journeys

All of us have our own journey. Sometimes the direction of that journey changes as we reassess and reevaluate who we are, where we want to go, what we want to achieve, what is important to us. We all do it. Every once in a while or even sometimes on a more regular basis. It’s called life. We all live it, to the best of our ability.

Our true friends, our real friends, are the ones who accept our journey as our own, who love us and support us as we follow our hearts, who can accept our change of direction sometimes and still give us a hug and their love. Because they understand that they, too, are on their own journey, that they have their own questions and challenges and that we will be there for them as they journey on their individual path of discovery and life.

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